Friday, January 8, 2010

There is always a beginning to something...

So, this is my first blog. I am joining the bandwagon a little late, but who is to say I have not been observing in the shadows? I must know my prey before attacking!

I am a contradiction at its best. Can attack any battle, but hate spiders.

Currently, I am hunting for work. It has been very tough in this crazy market. I now question going back to school or changing my career altogether. Any advice would be appreciated!


  1. yayyyyy!

    I would offer advice, but things usually work out better for people when they don't follow my advice...

  2. Hi Rao,
    I am a graphic designer from India, i just wanna b in contact with you coz i am looking forward to have a job in US, and I think if i am smart and creative enough to be there and be your friend....
    with due respect may we become friends.

    Mohsin Rasheed Khan